The Trouble with Ill Informed Writing on Open Source

Stephen Marshall writes about the Trouble with Open Source on the Britsh Computer Society website. What follows is an ill informed op-ed piece that cobbles together the usual bunch of unsubstantiated myths regarding Open Source.

He then goes on scaremonger about the “nightmare scenario of OSS at one extreme and Microsoft at the other with nothing else in between“. He should follow the practice I find useful in such instances, and replace “Open Source” with “Closed Source” and see if it presents an equally terrifying scenario.

One thought on “The Trouble with Ill Informed Writing on Open Source

  1. Most of these papers are sponsored by ‘Closed Source’ houses (though I do not know if that is the case for the one mentioned in this post). The problem with Open Source is that it’s misunderstood. The reason Open Source was created was to develop software using the Free Software model, but allow the code to be used in closed source systems.


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