Second Time Entrepreneur

I was listening to Dave Winer on Nerd TV earlier today. Dave always has interesting stuff to say but I think he made some prescient comments that should serve as a warning to all us budding irish software entrepreneurs.

He is talking about his second company and its intermingled with a discussion about Steve Ballmer, so I hope he’ll forgive me for paraphrasing. The basic gist of it is, on your second company you want to do it on your terms, not the VCs or the boards or any of the other guys who want a piece of you. So you buy a nice PC, you work sensible hours, you get other people to do all the heavy lifting.

Unfortunately this never works out because you are always competing against another company with a crazy founder who will work all the hours god sends, live on peanuts, debase himself before just about anybody to get his idea of the ground, and you just can’t compete.

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