Crash (2004)

I went to see Crash tonight. I love it when a movie drags great raggedly strings of emotion out of you and Crash had me hunched up in my seat on several occasions. It’s a film full of moral ambiguity with only the viewer having the god like vision that allows him to give meaning to the seemingly random violence, anger, pain and frustration of the protagonists. It plays with your own view of stereotypes and sucks you in, only to give a big smack upside the head just when you thought the god view was all you needed to feel comfortable.

Ace, King, Check it Out!

One thought on “Crash (2004)

  1. I liked the movie, but I didn’t think it was superb. Some parts of the writing just didn’t sit well with me. The characters are straight-jacketed into generalisations a little bit too forcibly for my liking. When the other aspects of their character were revealed I was less surprised than I should be. On the plus side, I really enjoyed Matt Dillion’s performance (and am looking forward to seeing him in Factotum), and I thought the sound track was unconventionally good (I remember thinking that at the time but the music escapes me now).


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