I want it that way

Boing-Boing reports on a video cover done by two guys that is apparently swarming all over the web. They obviously spent some time on it becuase the lip synching isn’t bad and the dance moves are reasonably well executed. Is it breach of copyright? Who cares, its out there now and it ain’t goin’ back in the box.

There are some other nice details that give it a “for real” feeling like the bandage/split on the arm of the singer on the left.

But what is they guy in the background doing for the whole song?

3 thoughts on “I want it that way

  1. That’s quite cool. I guess bands (ok I mean record companies) could use videos like this for viral marketing, judging by the choice of song for this one, I do believe it’s authentic.

    As for the guy in the background, my guess is that the video has been shot in an internet cafe, and he’s just playing some online game.


  2. Hi John,

    It looks more like a bedroom than an Internet cafe. I’ll wager thats a little brother who is playing a game and thinks his brother is a few bottles short of a six pack.


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