Eirepreneur call to Action

Eirepreneur are asking irish bloggers to tag their del.icio.us entries with the tag for:oid where stands for Open Irish Directory.
You can paste this slightly modified post to del.icio.us button to your links Toolbar and it will add the tag automatically.
Of course this link won’t work as it just posts to my del.icio.us account, doh!

Ok, this just requires a bit more work on your part.

  • First go the the properties dialog of your post to delicious button on your toolbar or menu. You can get at the properties by using mouse button three and scrolling down to properties.
  • Now pop the properties dialog and go to the location entry (on Internet Explorer this is called URL). You will need to scroll right to the end.
  • Now paste the string +'&tags=for:oid' including quotes at the end of the entry
  • Now test by posting an entry.

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