Freeline Skates

In my past I have been known to play a little roller hockey. Core77 reports on these Freeline Skates which look to reproduce the sensation of snowboard carving on concrete. Given that a sideways profile about halves your wind resistance, I reckon these puppies could get some serious speed on.

Helmet and wrist guards are advised…

6 thoughts on “Freeline Skates

  1. I got a pair for christmas… man, they’re intense. It’s a lot like snowboarding, and you really can pick up speed. I’m still learning for sure, but they’re a blast. Definately recomended.

    I’d definately agree with the helmet/wirstguard reccomendation. Or at least some biking gloves or something similar so you don’t shred up your hands in a fall.



  2. Freeline Skates Rock!!!! There really is nothing out there that compares to it. Get a pair and start carving. Oh and don’ forget the protective stuff. They may be handy in the beginning stages. They’re a challenge no doubt but they are definetaly worth it.


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