Sourceforge – OnDemand

I see VA Software is now offering Sourceforge OnDemand. This is the closed source version (e.g. you can use to to manage proprietary, non Open Source Projects) of the hugely successful repository used for Open Source projects. At 50 bucks per user per month it isn’t super cheap. I guess its priced to allow larger companies that can support a full-time Tools support person to transition to Sourceforge Enterprise.

This approach benefits early stage startups in a number of ways,

  • You don’t have to stump up cash for development hardware (ever trying getting a lease out of Dell one week after incorporation?)
  • You get a full featured development environment without all the configuration and maintainance hassle
  • It accessible from just about anywhere, which for startups where everybody is coding in their bedroom is a huge boon.
  • Now all they need is a credible discounting scheme for larger numbers of users or projects.

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