Lazy reporting in the Sunday Business Post

If you read the Sunday Business Post you will be aware that it regularily ships with with a glossy insert called Computers in Business. The regularily run Buyers Guide articles where they review a range of vendor products, last Sunday it was Business PCs. I hope the editors won’t mind if I give them some pointers on how to improve the quality of this kind of article going for.

  • label the pictures so the reader will know which system is being displayed
  • Indicate the source of the pricing information (vendor website, distributor etc.)
  • Provide a comparison table (see below) so that the reader can rapidly assess the key comparison criteria (in this case processor, memory and disk space).
  • Clearly indicate whether VAT is included in the quoted figures
  • Define your criteria for high end vs. entry level, many of the picks look to all the world like random jabs into the vendor websites.
  • Wake up to the 21st century and start including your images in the the web versions of the print articles (sheesh! can you say flickr )
  • There is no such model as the HP Scenic and HP Celsius in the Fujitsu Siemens catalog (did you mean Celsius W and Scenic X ?).

This information was obviously obtained by the author or researcher of the report. It just never made it into the final copy. For those who found the article as frustrating as I did I have included some of the missing information below.

Finally a few tips for the vendors, in this day and age, if I can’t easily find your prices on your website, or the prices are only quoted in pounds sterling I’m not buying.

Acer, Fujitsu Siemens, HP and IQon take note.

The full comparison table is here.

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