Hostireland screws its links

Today I sent an email to to get pricing info on its dedicated server offerings. For some bandy reason (probably the fact that they are rackspace partner) they don’t post this invaluable information on their website. I got this autoreply to a message directed to

This is an automated reply.

I am currently out of the office until mid-February. Please re-send your
email as follows:

Sales –
Project Management –
Technical Support –
Accounts –

David Moran
Managing Director
Host Ireland
18-19 College Green
Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 8219350
Fax: +353 1 6708220

Fix your bleedin’ mail system guys!

If anybody is looking for a pretty good hosting service these guys look good on paper. I will publish a complete review of the local ones once I’ve collated all the info.

Turns out hostireland is just a shill for rackspace. They just pass you directly over to a rackspace rep. Then that guy quotes me in sterling, what a jip!

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