Getting JVC Everio Tapeless Video onto iMacs

Astute readers will have noted my chagrin at the iMac not supporting the wanky codec that my JVC Everio Video Camera supports (JVC carries some of the blame here).

Anyway it turns out there is a fantastic freeware program that will convert the everio .MOD files (and a bunch of other formats) to .MOV (i.e. quicktime) files. It needs some work to build it and some helper files that I built tonight. But it works a treat and grabs the audio and video correctly. I’ll play with it some more to make sure it doesn’t have any screwy problems. If you can’t wait the basic program is called ffmpegX. I’m putting together a package of the helper programs which should be ready tomorrow (I need to work out how to ftp up from an iMac).

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