Things I want from an Internet Bank

These are the things I want from an Internet Bank and AIB doesn’t do this for me at the moment.

  • See all my previous transactions for a least 6 months back on all my accounts
  • Download my transactions in .csv format
  • Issue and stop standing orders
  • View all my standing orders from all accounts on one page
  • View all my direct debits from all accounts on one page
  • Email my personal banker to initiate bank transactions
  • Request cheque books, PIN numbers
  • Search my transaction history (I mean for feck sake, this is 2006!)
  • Annotate each transaction with a note
  • Use the back button (and it sure as hell isn’t AJAX causing this problem)

I should point out that while working at CR2 in 1998 we built all of these features into a product called BankWorld.

Anybody know if Rabobank does any of this? They have been banging on about their Internet Banking on the radio of late.

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