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Things I want from an Internet Bank

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These are the things I want from an Internet Bank and AIB doesn’t do this for me at the moment.

  • See all my previous transactions for a least 6 months back on all my accounts
  • Download my transactions in .csv format
  • Issue and stop standing orders
  • View all my standing orders from all accounts on one page
  • View all my direct debits from all accounts on one page
  • Email my personal banker to initiate bank transactions
  • Request cheque books, PIN numbers
  • Search my transaction history (I mean for feck sake, this is 2006!)
  • Annotate each transaction with a note
  • Use the back button (and it sure as hell isn’t AJAX causing this problem)

I should point out that while working at CR2 in 1998 we built all of these features into a product called BankWorld.

Anybody know if Rabobank does any of this? They have been banging on about their Internet Banking on the radio of late.

Written by Joe

January 27, 2006 at 6:15 pm

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