Some straight talking to Rabobank

How in the name of all that is sane can a modern business get away with a piece of Web Crime like the truely awful Rabobank registration screen?

So there is the usual sloppiness you regularily come across on “my first web form websites”, things like having to scroll the page to fill in all content, poorly identified mandatory fields, failure to highlight all mandatory fields above the fold etc. However worse is to come.

As this is a joint account, there are duplicates of all fields. So no surprises when I clicked next and got a utterly useless message Office Number must be a number. There were two office numbers, and they both looked like they had numbers in them to me. Much visual scrutiny finally identified a space inside the first business number, an artefact of cutting and pasting the number from a application that understands that phone numbers are not actual a member of any of the normal integer groups defined in mathematical theory.

So finally got to a summary screen and realised I’d forget to change my partner’s name to “Ms”. No problem thats what the back button’s for. But no, arrrggh, the back button flips me past the registrations screen to the start of the whole process and all my data is lost.

This is the “The straight talking online bank”.

I don’t think so mate….

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