Tools to blog your world

The following are three pretty cool ways to write your blog without resorting to the locally installed blog tools (which admittedly are much better in WordPress 2.x).

  • Flock: Replacement Social Browser. Has a good blogging tool, supports categories (in wordpress)  and has a wysiwyg editor (all these editors seem to be reminscent of the excellent FCKEditor). However it is still in beta so probably not for the faint hearted.
  • Writely: Writely pitches itself as a document authoring and collaboration environment. However it does provide an excellent platform for those longer articles as it provides auto-save functionality. Doesn’t allow you to set categories for your posts so this has to be done after thef act.
  • Performancing: My own current favourite (if you use firefox). It runs as a plugin in FireFox, supports, multiple blogs and categories and pops up as a split screen allowing you to been the page you are looking at in sight.

What’s your favourite blogging tool?

My experience is limited to WordPress, what do Typepad, Moveable Type and Blogger users use?

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