Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

Originally uploaded by Joe Drumgoole.

My day job company is currently part of a government funded incubator program called Hot House. Now this is a great program (I’ve talked about it before now) but they currently have a problem with their broadband and our connections keeps dropping.

If you are downloading in IE or Firefox and the network disappears underneath you, both programs just hang around for ever pretending that they will restart uploading. However the restart never happens. (Well okay, it might restart but not in anytime frames I’m interested in waiting for).
I was expressing my frustration with this a few weeks ago when Ciaran recommended Free Download Manager. Well it does what it says on the tin. Fully plug replaces the download function in IE and Firefox. Gives you a single place to schedule, manage and restart downloads. Finally it seems to run a bit faster than the standard download tools as well.

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