Digitally Enhanced Living

Mark Shead writes a great blog about enhancing your digital life. He got me hooked with his article on MacTheRipper a DVD ripper program for the Mac.

He also has some good tips for configuring multi-room Tivo from a single Tivo system. God forbid we should ever get Tivo in our little Island backwater.

One thought on “Digitally Enhanced Living

  1. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. The DVD ripping article got so much attention that our host shut us down because of the amount of CPU we were using, so it was definately popular. We’re back up with a few upgrades to the system.

    By the way, the Tivo article was written by Bruce Vanderveen who has one of the most amazing home automation and video distribution setups I’ve ever seen in someone’s home. Hopefully he’ll be writing about some more of his setup in the future.


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