Idea Park: USB Movies for Travellers

Another idea I want to unburden here, please feel free to make millions of dollars, send me a postcard if you do.

Entertainment distributed on USB keys for use by travellers

Loaded by a vending machine that takes credit cards. The vending machine in turn loaded over a broadband connection every few days. The content could injected into the USB key (which could be sold as part of the package) with the content embedded in a player program. The player program is designed to timeout with the timeout being set to around 48 hours. After that you can discard the data and use the key as normal. Next time just reload the same key with a different set of movies/shows.

A nice little hook up with the airlines and they enable your USB port on your seat for a fee in coach, for free in business class and boom a whole launchpad market right at your fingertips.

Go on, make me proud…

12 thoughts on “Idea Park: USB Movies for Travellers

  1. Hi,

    My company has already developed a system like the one in your article. It was developed over 2 1/2 years ago and are working on a launch date as soon as the legal agreements are in place. Digital Rights Management are always an issue as well as copying of movies… A patent was written for the whole process, that took way too long… but its in the patent office now… If you are interested, we are always looking for feedback on our


    Lee Kawase
    Our website will be published to the public soon…


  2. Interesting comment. The patent that my company has written will allow the airport system as requested in the previous comment. We are also introducing the system to the auto companies to replace the dvd players.
    The big companies can be a little slow on new technologies but we will be working hard to implement our new movie system over the next 5 years.
    The companies technological process is still under wraps until all the legal agreements have been completed. Will keep you posted as things progress. Stay tuned.


  3. Hey there. I was thinking about this the other day, I was trying to watch a DVD that I had just got from the rental store, and go figure, it was scratched.
    So, any way I was wonmdering if you guys had thought about making this availible in a Home Entertainment friendly system. Kind of like a DVD player. I think there could be great market value if this system were to hit places like Blockbuster or Roger’s Video.


  4. The patent is just for piece of mind. Mine was accepted in 2003. All the work is getting all the agreements worked out. Lawyers and more Lawyers.
    Does it matter about the patent? I think someone needs to build a better mousetrap then Apple, having a monopoly is not a good thing because
    then we are stuck… battery issues, etc… but they are the master of marketing… tip my hat on that… so lets just get it done….


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  6. Hi, everyone! – I’ve just thinking about this idea, but that was sad when i understood that it allready exists. But also happy because it may will the dream come true.

    Keep up the good work!
    Henrik (Norway)


  7. Just some updates: we formed a partnership alliance with Creative Labs to take on the Apple Machine. There are others as well but we are held to some privacy issues for now… We’ve tested out system and can download a full movie (with some compression) in less then 3 min, to an off the shelf memory chip. Our patent has been published as well… so we are moving
    ahead along as planned… the future is not too far away.


  8. Hey looks like were moving. Just a note: Here is the summary for my US patent published this year:
    Method to store and distribute full length movies on a portable non-volatile solid-state storage device

    A new method for storing and distributing full-length movies on a portable non-volatile solid-state storage device. Digitized compressed signals containing audiovisual components of a movie are sent to a portable non-volatile solid-state storage device and stored in a permanent or non-permanent state. The customer can use the portable non-volatile solid-state storage device with a compatible portable non-volatile solid-state storage device reader to view the movie on a television set or a compatible computer system.

    Thats the nuts and bolts… now the rest will come…




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