The Irish Blog Awards 2006

So filthy weather didn’t prevent a full house for the first ever Irish Blog Awards. The categories were,

The night was weird for a number of reasons. Firstly most people had never met in person, secondly it was mile after mile of crazily gorgeous looking women, thirdly it seemed to die after the awards with many people exiting very quickly.

I can’t help feeling the very radical and personal nature of blogging needs a different format. This is not a critcism of Damien who gets all kudos for a great night, more the fact that we as participants were too for passive in this particular event.

My take on the night was it was a complete success, but loose the raffle guys , even if I did win a wireless router (thanks and god bless pink 35), it was very village hall, very bingo.

Final bit of info, the guy who picked up Twenty Major’s awards told me his name, and if you want to know it, go ask him yourself 🙂

I took a bunch of photos that are now on flickr, if you’re in them and you don’t like your picture, give me a shout and I’ll zap it.

8 thoughts on “The Irish Blog Awards 2006

  1. Finally, someone who has the list of results! The brother won the best photography blog which is great! Not surprising that Twenty Major won so many though, particularly for most humorous post, which is a classic.


  2. If im nominated next year, im gonna show up and get smashed drunk and try and kick off some rock-n-roll mayhem, purely due to the fact that i get smashed drunk quite often.


  3. I can vouch for the ‘if you don’t like your pic I can zap it’ comment. I met Joe at the awards and he very kindly delted a horrible fat photo of me from his camera and took another one instead. I look kinda sweaty and drunk in it…but it’s not too bad. Any chance I can use it on my blog Joe? I’ll link to you of course, but I wouldn’t mind people seeing me looking a little less track-suited and scruffy than normal! (Plus I paid a fortune for my hair!!)

    Cheers! Was lovely to meet you last night. And you’re right about the awards, it was odd the way it broke up so quickly…but a really fun night none the less


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