Switched to feedburner

I’ve switched all this blog’s feeds to feedburner. All my existing feeds are now redirected using Steve Smith’s excellent wordpress plugin for Feedburner.

If you are currently subscribed through one of the old feeds you could do me a big favour and redirect your RSS reader to


2 thoughts on “Switched to feedburner

  1. Hey Joe, wouldn’t mind hearing what you think you’ll get out of switching, and what’s in it for us ;-). (I just got the notion that feeds are good, and now you’re burning them?! What’s with you youngsters?).


  2. Chris,

    feedburner and nooked both provide a similar service in that all your feeds are served through a hosted service that can both track users who are consuming your feed and manipulate the outbound to feed to insert advertising, links, bookmark etc. Both services generate excellent statistics and given you better management over the feed than a raw blogging package.

    I joined feedburner becuase I already had an account, but for my company feed I will used Nooked, as I want to support an irish company.


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