8 thoughts on “Languages I've written at least one program in

  1. Actually if I was honest I could count Suns C++ compiler, GCC++ and Visual C++ as three Languages:-)

    Whatever about Sun and GNU, Visual C++ compelled you to use so many macros that the C++ part of the language all but disappeared. Ugh!


  2. Oh I agree. Look away for a second and visual studio slips in 100 extra files packed to the gills with redundant stub code – “just in case you were thinking about slipping a DCOM-CORBA interface in” or for some such reason.

    VC++ is also irritatingly standards-compliant when it suits them (eg hiding away the stdlib in the std:: namespace).

    What’s your favourite of the above?

    If it was me, I’d go with Perl / GC++ with Java a distant third.


  3. We’re all horny for python in my current company Secantus.

    For pure intellectual purity and the data/code interchange thang then its got to be Lisp.

    If your punching the clock imperatively, then Ada. Learn a little bit and the rest all works the way you expect it too.

    Had a brief and torrid fling with Perl but it ended badly and now we don’t talk.

    Java works as long as you only plan to use a database, once you start doing file IO it stinks worse that two day old mackerel.

    C++, the pain, the pain, make it go away.

    C, honest hard working ditch diggers language but terrible for biggish programs.


  4. C’mon Joe: One program?

    One application and i’m listening but one program? My 3 year old can write one program


  5. Hi Joe:

    Well he’s young and a little rough around the edges on most aspects of his
    programing. But he’s probably worth hiring. You won’t have to pay him much — a bag of crisps and a can of fanta per day should do it!



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