Never attribute to malice what can be accounted for by stupidity

Darren points out that Microsoft’s new ad-center doesn’t support Firefox (or I believe any browser other than IE). This is a patently stupid position and the immediate reaction is to look on it as a deliberate attempt to exclude Firefox and other browsers. However I believe the explanation is simpler and runs right to the very heart of Microsoft’s culture.

Most people in Microsoft drink the coolaid and are completely immersed in Microsoft culture. In their eyes Safari and Firefox users are marginal communities they don’t understand and could care less about. All their internal propaganda tells them that IE is the world’s most popular browser and also has the biggest market share. There complete technology stack is based on activeX controls and the the minute they start coding it takes a huge amount of energy to buck the status quo inside MIcrosoft and say we will work with the other browsers. They have time to market constraints just like the rest of us. So they take the path of least resistance, whack their site together with Visual Studio Web tools and hey presto, instant incompatiblity, straight out of the box.

It would take a message from Bill to change this but that ain’t about to happen, despite all Robert Scoble’s good works.

Just spotted this, looks like Robert agrees with me.

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