Digital Realty Trust needs to pick up a copy of the Irish Times

Silicon Republic reports on Digital Realty Trust’s acquisition of a 20,000 sq. ft. (whatever happen to the Metric system? ed.) data centre in Clonshaugh. They go on to say,

Digital Realty’s strategy of acquiring property assets at the bottom of a cycle in the telecoms market and reconditioning them in time for growth in an uncanny way matches Ken Peterson’s own methodology. Peterson made his fortune in the US by buying aluminium plants while at the bottom of an economic cycle and later selling them on when prices recovered.

So apparently we are at the bottom of the property market cycle….

2 thoughts on “Digital Realty Trust needs to pick up a copy of the Irish Times

  1. We’re certainly near the bottom of the commercial property market here in the north. Definitely a buyers market. Contrast this with the residential market which remains a sellers market.

    If I had a few million around, I’d buy a data centre….(even though I may need to fit it out with a sofa and cable TV when the current growing boom busts…)


  2. Hi MJ,

    Commercial property still seems to be pretty hot in Dubin. I certainly wouldn’t describe us as being at the bottom of the market.


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