Iona launches open source ESB

InfoWorld reports on the launch of Celtix Iona’s new Open Source ESB. Iona are a little late to the Open Source party but I would expect the Celtix product to put up a pretty good showing on the technical front.

However they suffer from the same problem as Cape Clear, how do you compete on the one hand against tier one incumbents like Oracle and IBM and also hold the line against OpenSource experts like Apache and JBoss?

If egos could be massaged, one way to compete would be to merge both companies back into a single entity. The original goals of Cape Clear (low cost commodity products in the XML/CORBA/J2EE space) were lost long ago and they now range across the same prospect base as Iona.

Chris is safely ensconced on the board as chairman so any old enmity could be smoothed over by the new Iona CEO Peter Zotto. Give Annrai back his old job as CTO, tag him as a serial entrepreneur (did it twice!) and move all the Cape Clear staff back from the pugatory of Donnybrook to the central location of Shelbourne Road.

Job done!

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