Rubbish WIFI at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Dublin

I bought (an extortionate) €7 WIFI card at the Crowne Plaza Hotel today, only to discover once I logged in that their WIFI firewall blocks access to POP and SMTP. So, its impossible to send an email or recieve one without logging into a web client.

As Basil Fawlty would say “What is the point of bleedin’ WIFI if you can’t get to your email“.
I left a complaint with desk, but I doubt it will make past front desk to anybody who can do anything about it…

One thought on “Rubbish WIFI at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Dublin

  1. In fairness…. for business users who would concentrate entirely on Outlook or any other non web-based email app, its a bit pointless providing the access if you can’t have the use of your email without web interfaces that just slow you down…


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