This made me laugh (Sorry Mike!)

Mike Arrington is having a bad week. First everybody hates his new web design for TechCrunch then his web designer spits the dummy and resigns because he posts an alternate design to CrunchNotes.

Web designers eh, can’t live with ’em, can’t shot ’em! 🙂

4 thoughts on “This made me laugh (Sorry Mike!)

  1. Sorry Darren, its both a dublin phrase and something you can only properly understand if you have kids. If your child uses a dummy (in the US/Canada probably called a pacifier) then it has to spit it out before it progresses into a full on screaming fit/tantrum.


  2. I read techcrunch on almost a daily basis… and in fairness, compared to the last design I think this one is awful. Mind you, he’s getting 7.5K a month from each of those square ads he has in the top right with the new theme so I don’t think he’s gonna care too much!


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