JDiskReport : du for mortals

If you are an old UNIX hacker like mean you’ll have come across the du command. Its short for Disk Usage. Well du is fine for C programmers but the rest of us probably would prefer a gentler, friendlier tool. Enter stage left JDiskReport a wonderful little Java utility that scans your disk at any point you choose in the file tree and generates nice graphical report of disk usage in either a bar pie chart,

or as a bar chart,


You can also get a date modified distribution,


and a file size distribution,


Final sweet spot, it runs on just about anything.

4 thoughts on “JDiskReport : du for mortals

  1. Hi Darren,

    Don’t grok SpaceMonger, the interface is “unsusual” aka idiosyncratic and non-intuitive. People can easily visually parse piecharts and barcharts but the nested structure of SpaceMonger is over complicated and attempts to display to much information at once.



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