The excreable AIB Internet Banking service

15 minutes to get from login screen to billpay. I swear I could count the pixels!

Ha, ha, and there is a message in the message centre, asking me if i notice anything different. No, the service is still the worst on the internet you sad saps!

6 thoughts on “The excreable AIB Internet Banking service

  1. Darren,

    You would notice a pixel of a change. No I was wrong, they’ve made it worse. The login screen is more complicated these days.


  2. Could be worse. They could be asking as many questions as, say, Abbey, when you want to log in 🙂 So not only you’d have to type in five different items (each one capable of killing your attempt), but also slow afterwards


  3. I think it’s interesting to note how AIB 24-Hour Online was renamed to AIB Internet Banking some time ago. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that it is very often impossible to login to the website or use the phone banking service between the hours of midnight and 6 or 7am – not exactly what you’d call a 24-hour service.

    I actually emailed customer service about this a few months ago and I got the following reply:

    “Thank you for your email.

    AIB has a suite of complementary access services that combine to offer a full 24hour X 365 service through

    Telephone banking which enables access from any phone, regardless of time or location, to our telephone banking service through either the automated IVR self-service system (i.e. Interactive Voice Recognition) or with direct assistance from a Customer Service Adviser (CSA).

    Internet banking which is available for a minimum of 20 hours daily
    (7am -3am) and which, by necessity is currently unavailable during off-peak times to facilitate systems updating. During this period, the telephone banking service is available.”

    So in the age of Web 2.0, it seems poor AIB are still stumbling on the prologue to e-commerce 101. I could almost forgive them this if they were actually true to their words, and provided the phone service as an alternative while the site was down.

    Not so.

    About two hours ago I left to drop some friends to the airport. Just before leaving, I tried unsuccessfully to access the telephone banking service. I have just arrived back, and I still get the same canned greeting from the lady with the velvet voice:

    “Welcome to AIB 24 Hour Banking (sic). Sorry, self service banking is unavailable at present.”

    For people who have atypical working hours, this is incredibly frustrating.


  4. Its pretty bad, but actually since posting this I have had the opportunity to Use Bank of Irelands Business Online Service, now that actually wins the award for the worst Internet banking application in Ireland…


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