Sweet Cigarettes – Shurely Shome Mishtake

I came across these sweet cigarettes,

in our local Spar shop on Sunday.

Maybe I’m out of touch with children’s sweets but I haven’t seen anything like this,

since my dad ran a sweet shop in Artane (Dublin) in the 1970s (when everybody smoked).

Given the common knowledge that cigarette companies sales are in terminal decline and as a result they are targetting younger and younger demographics, isn’t it somewhat irresponsible to be selling such lifelike cigarette sweets?

(Conspiracy theorists can ponder the fact the Ferton France SA who manufacture these sweets have no website to speak off, they couldn’t possibly have links to big tobacco, could they? Who knows?)

9 thoughts on “Sweet Cigarettes – Shurely Shome Mishtake

  1. Candy Cigarettes were banned in the 2001 Public Health (Tobacco) Bill 2001. Your local Spar should not be selling them

    “Provision is made for a ban on the sale of confectioneries, normally intended for children, which resemble a tobacco product. The sale of this type of confectionery is a particularly odious practice and helps builds an unhealthy relationship and familiarity between children and tobacco products. Children who use candy cigarettes are more likely to become smokers. This type of candy will be prohibited, as well as similar types of confectionery products.”



  2. Joe, can you explain the “Ace King, Check it Out!” slogan for those of
    us ignorant enough to not know what it means.



  3. Its a purely personal thing. Used to be something we would shout at each other as kids. It also happens to be a pretty good opening hand in Texas hold ’em.


  4. We liked to shout “Lorca” for aces declared at the end. Cos they were also called bullets, and they were in the hole, and we were operating under some illusion that Lorca was shot in the hole (eh, you know, sorry).


  5. oh one more.
    King 7 became known as the “Declaration Hand”. We dealt the cards one night and picked up our cards to study them. One guy studied his carefully and said “hmmm King Seven”. We all looked at him. He looked up and said “Did I just say that out loud?”* We agreed there and then that anyone who got King 7 in the future was obliged to declare it.

    *these games were usually played under the influence….


  6. Silly question , but can you tell me is the paper around the sweet cigarrettes edible sugar paper or not, and why have they been banned?


  7. Sharon,

    Sweet cigarettes don’t have paper round them.

    They were banned because pretending to smoke sweet cigarettes is the first step down the line to smoking real cigarettes.



  8. Joe obviously didn’t eat said confectionary product, or he would’ve realised that Old Toad (and other fictional brand) cigarettes come wrapped in white paper… as pictured.

    All my life I’ve never known the answer as to whether the paper covering the chocolate is edible (ie, rice paper), but I’ve always eaten it anyway – much to my friends’ disgust.


  9. I don’t smoke, I’ve never smoked, but I enjoy “confectionary sticks” and “candy cigarettes” for the taste. Canada, all legal.


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