.ie domains – Why would you bother?

I recently gave a dig out to somebody by registering a .ie domain for them. Total time from initial application to finally getting the domain up and running (e.g. getting the IEDR to update the nameservers) was 40 days!! Even I can’t believe it when I count it up.

Even if I generously lop of ten days to allow for some delays on my part in responding, this really is atrocious, and we pay a premium price of €95.59 for this service.

They farcically recommend you use a reseller, but when I tried to register initially via hostireland, I got bounced straight back to the IEDR, who required me to fax (yes fax, not email) in a justification.

My advice, stick to godaddy.com and register any kind of domain you want for $9.95, in seconds.

2 thoughts on “.ie domains – Why would you bother?

  1. Wow. I knew it was embarassing rubbish the last time I checked a few years back but I’m shocked they are still living in the 1980’s. Utterly irrelevant service at this stage.

    GoDaddy all the way.


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