Cease and desist – del.icio.us link spam

For all you good people out there (you know who you are) who use this hack to create a daily posting of your del.icio.us links, stop it, please stop it!

If I want to see your del.icio.us links I’ll subscribe to your del.icio.us RSS feed or add you to my network.

3 thoughts on “Cease and desist – del.icio.us link spam

  1. It works both ways — I’ve had positive feedback, too, since I’ve started that.

    Notably, it allows link-blog items to be commented on — del.icio.us doesn’t have a good featureful way to do that yet.


  2. Joe: I wrote about this “blog pollution” notion a year back. I too was concerned whether I was helping or destroying to blogosphere with it, but felt that it should be left to users to decide. 🙂


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