Chupa Chups – Don't get me started


Originally uploaded by Joe Drumgoole.

Innocent enough looking. Until you try to unwrap them, it often requires heavy work with a knife.

Some day I’m going to line up all the CEOs who use infernal packaging, and the last one to successfully open their product will be subjected a public flogging.

In case you wondering I’m talking to you blister pack sons of bitches!

11 thoughts on “Chupa Chups – Don't get me started

  1. I know the guy that designed the little “half portion” milk “traps” which you can use to colour your coffee. He said the reason for wearing a tie was to catch drops and that you should always bring more than one with you to work.


  2. Found the easiest way to open those chupa-chups is to actually pinch the top of it with your teeth, tear away the outside wrapper, then repeat and tear away the cling-film like plastic on the inside of it, and peel both back down the plastic spear-like straw thing and work away… there’s no real easy way to open them!


  3. Hold the head of the lolly and take a very sharp knife and place at the nexus between the solid part of lolly head and the stick. This is the point where the wrapping is furled around the stick. Now apply strong cutting motion down the stick (keeping both hands behind the cutting edge :-)). Repeat several times.

    Now stare in disbelief at your still unopened chupa-chup.


  4. Or use your teeth to pull at the sticky bits on the lollypop stick and pull off in lumps whilst toddlers screams with impatience.
    Now, can ANYONE open a pack of so-called resealable rashers without using a scissors or knife. Easy peel back? In whose dreams exactly???????????


  5. Jaysus lads. I bet you can undo a bra strap with one hand though? Christ if I can … you guys should. Conor, I think it was the Fruit Salads and Black Jacks that gave me the training to open any pack of anything with just one hand.


  6. I hear your pain Sarah, “its the peel here sticker”, that drives me apoplectic, like putting a “climb here” sticker at the bottom of mount everest.


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