4 thoughts on “Skype blocked by latest Microsoft Update

  1. It is *not* a Microsoft Update and it is *not* blocking the Skype either.

    Observe… it is only a Windows Firewall Alerter notification which is treating Skype as non-generic, win32-unassociated, port 80 trailer application trying to access the Internet AND thus Windows asking your consent as to allow or deny this application.

    (what-a-waste-of-time entry but worthwhile posting as i-dont-want-others-to-fall-pray-to-this-hoax)

    !uoy knahT


  2. Cool enough, but it did spring to life all of a sudden after Microsoft update was run. MS do have a reasonable history of *accidentally* blocking apps they percieve as being competitive.


  3. If skype is blocked that is just not fare so i found a way around it and no one can stop me from calling with skype when its “blocked” 🙂 I use a service from the following site

    VPN Connections

    Hope it helps others too.

    P.s. they also will provide a new connection if the isp block the ip you connect to to establish a vpn.

    Read all about it on the site.
    Skype Unblocked


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