One thought on “From the land of verticalised browsers comes..

  1. I’ve tested the lastes version of heatseek on a usb flash drive with U3 Smart Tech… Heatseek website gives you a false sense of securtiy when using there browser… Unfortunately while using Heatseek even with java script turned off I still got a Trojan which ZoneAlarm Securtiy Suit caught and deleted… Heatseek was just like using IE which I’ve stopped using since I found FireFox which resists trojans and spyware with better success then IE… I think suing Firefox would be better then Heatseek… I was very surprised when I realized that Heatseek stored all temporary internet files on the host computer in IE… What’s the point of using special software like heatseek? It by default didn’t even delete those temp files from IE which means heatseek is not a real browser since it’s using IE, how dumb…. Not to mention how pointless it was to run heatseek from my usb U3 flash drive…. They lie when they say everything in heatseek stays in heatseek.. Portable firefox on U3 flash drive is much better… Heat seek is just pretty gimmick ware….


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