Hosted Gmail for

I recently received an invite to participate in the Google for your domain service. This is a Google email account and calendar that can be given a specific domain identity. In our case the identity was for (soon to be During the beta period you get 25 free email accounts, a management console and a calendar for each user.

Setup consists of updating your existing MX records to point to the Google Mail Servers.  Its slickly done and tells you whether you have configured them right or not. You can brand the interface replacing the Gmail logo with your own and of course you get a free IM client (GTalk) to boot.

We’ve been using it for the past week and are more than happy with the service. The only issues to date are with the Gmail Notifier program which doesn’t recognise hosted email accounts (it expects an account). This has been reported on the Google feedback forums.

One nice touch, when you sent email through another client (e.g. Apple Mail or Thunderbird) it appears in your sent items on the gmail hosted account, sweet!

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