Feed For Enterprise Ireland Events

So instead of whining about it, I decided to scratch my itch. So here is a feed for Enterprise Ireland upcoming events scraped courtesy of feed43.com.

Add http://feed43.com/enterprise-ireland-events-2006.xml to your favourite feedreader. Service only guaranteed while they keep to a consistent format.

7 thoughts on “Feed For Enterprise Ireland Events

  1. oh I almost forgot — one great thing about upcoming.org is that you can syndicate events in all sorts of useful formats. that’s what really makes it great for this kind of event stream…


  2. This is needed!

    I wrote to EI asking them to implement a feed and the response I got back was

    “I can suggest that events does this but cannot promise anything… And this is the first request for this I have had in almost three years..”

    They haven’t even got the word ‘Internet’ in the categories list on application forms so they’re not likely to get Web 2.0 stuff, let alone implement it.

    Heck, I’ve played around with the idea of building an online application to make it simple to apply for grants. The only words I hear from them is “you must follow the process” – yet they don’t know how to improve their own processes…

    OK enough of the rant.


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