Amazon EC2 – Ten things it needs to really take off

Had first play around with Amazon EC2 today. Its great but it needs few things to really make it fly (these could be provided by Amazon or third parties).

  1. Decent key management tools (preferably linked to smart card or USB storage devices)
  2. Web based management interface
  3. Swing based graphical tools to augment the command line tools
  4. DNS management to allow allocation of sensible names to the nodes
  5. Network monitoring for all live nodes (liveness, CPU load, disk space at least)
  6. Scalability infrastructure that adds new nodes based on thresholds set by user and removes them in the same way
  7. S3 filesystem integrated directly into Linux Kernel
  8. Diff tool to compare two AMI images for differences
  9. The ability to load and store AMI images somewhere other than S3
  10. Support for Windows and OS-X images

One thought on “Amazon EC2 – Ten things it needs to really take off

  1. I’d like to see a way to get charged partial rates for partially-used nodes, based on CPU usage, too; that way I could keep a backup EC2 node running, and pay only for when I need to use it.


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