Who do I read everyday?

I’m by no means the most prolific blog reader, but even I find myself cherry picking from my blog roll on occasion. The criteria for selection are pretty crude actually,

  1. Are you near the top in my bloglines viewer (Eirpreneur wins on this count)
  2. Do you post less than once a day? (nothing worse that discovering 200 unread items after a few days, digg and engadget stand up and take a bow).
  3. Can I read it in 5 minutes or less

So in no particular order the blogs I’ll hit nearly everyday that they have content,

  • Eirpreneur : Good round up of Irish startup news
  • Sarah Carey – GUBU : Sarah was the first Irish blogger I read regularily and as I know her, it always gives her posts a certain spice.
  • Bernie Goldbach – Irish Eyes : Nice perspectives on technology from Bernie (but if he keeps that del.icio.us autoposting stuff going he’s heading for the high road :-))
  • David McWilliams : He writes well and has a larger worldview than most Irish journalists
  • Sharpcast : Competitor website, ’nuff said.
  • Dave Winer – Scripting News: Dave always has a point of view, he writes beautifully and if you missed it on the web, Dave will generally link to it sooner or later.
  • Jonathan Schwartz: As CEO of Sun, Jonathan blogs once in a while. I read it because he has balls and if anybody can save Sun from themselves he can.
  • I, Cringely : Robert Cringely writes a column once a week and always has something worthwhile to say about the tech industry especially when it comes to the six pack, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Yahoo and Google.
  • Robert Scoble : Lost some of his lustre since leaving Microsoft, but still a good link source, if Dave Winer doesn’t get it Scoble will.
  • Darren Barefoot: Darren worked wih me in Cape Clear (which is where I met Sarah Carey) so the personal relationship extends to the blog. He also is definitely “quirky” in a way that I like.
  • InfoWorld Top News : Keep up to date on TechNews with this one site. Ads are big and the articles are small, but nobody does it better.
  • Mike Arrington – TechCrunch : Great competitor watch site.
  • Dilbert : You need a reason?

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