Stumbleupon kicks in with a traffic spike

I seem to have hit some weird threshold in stumbleupon for the article Joe’s Ten Rules of Commercial Software Development. My webstats are up 753% for the article with 137 visitors today. For comparison I usually get about 40 or so visitors per day. Anybody know how stumbleupon works to promote your site?

2 thoughts on “Stumbleupon kicks in with a traffic spike

  1. Stumbleupon users download a tool bar whith which they can give any site the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. Then, when you’ve nothing better to do you can hit the stumbleupon button and it will serve you up a site based on what others like you or your “friends” like. I presume the more thumbs up a page gets, the more often its served up. Think its got a pretty large userbase.


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