Dublin Airport Taxi Drivers – Not my most favourite people

So I flew back into Dublin with my family last night at around 8.30pm. When I arrived at the rank the first taxi driver refused to take us because he didn’t have booster seats for my children (aged 3 and 5, no that he asked or cared).

The rest of the rank then proceeded to refuse in the same way with mutterings of “2000 euro fines”. In the end we abandoned the rank and got my sister to drive in and pick us up.

So a quick search of  The Taxi Regulator website yielded no information of any such restrictions. I await an email response from the regulator as to whether such a regulation exists.

What did other visitors with children, without recourse to getting a lift, do on Sunday night?

I use taxis a lot, and I meet more good than bad taxi drivers, but this blanket refusal, especially as it deteriorated into “they won’t take you, I can’t take” has left a sour taste in my mouth.

8 thoughts on “Dublin Airport Taxi Drivers – Not my most favourite people

  1. This is why I bring my own….

    So annoying because the blinking things are too bulky….

    Is there not an opportunity therefore at Dublin Airport for someone to sell the booster seats (nice Graco ones? or cheap polystyrene ones?)


  2. Thanks Conor (O’Neill), I guess that. The link confirms it. I’ve been to and from the airport on numerous occasions with my children and we alway take cabs. This was the first time we’ve been refused. I put it down to a bunch of grumpy old gits who had the hump about the new fare structures.


  3. believe it or not joe most taxi drivers are very happy with the new fare structures however some drivers really do feel a bit nervous about taking toddlers without booster seats. They really are much safer. Some drivers, especially with vans etc, have booster seats so ask the attendant at the airport. finally please give taxi drivers a break, there are 2700 of the old gits and 10000 new drivers and most of us are trying to make a business out of it by doing things the right way. I know I am.


  4. Dave,

    You’ll see if you read my post that I’m more than happy to give a taxi driver break. But on this occasion not a single taxi driver would give us a break. Not an ideal situation when you have just arrived off a plane with two tired kids. We ended up taking the bus. Never had a problem before or since, so what the hell was going on that day?

    Still a bit fuming about the whole affair.


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