Renting a car in Ireland – Don't use Budget rental

I am planning to rent a car to head down to BarcampIreland. Budget looked like a good bet and their prices were competitive. So I booked my car but noticed as a I was filling in the payment form that they levied a €25 euro airport pickup fee. This seemed a bit steep as the car itself only cost €40. No bother, sure I’ll move the pickup to Drumocondra. No joy there however, there is similar €25 euro fee for pickup in a “City Centre location” as the woman said on the phone. So basically no matter where you get your car in Dublin you’ll suffer a €25 surcharge that is buried in the small print.

The final screw job is a €30 euro cancellation fee if you fail to cancel the book within  48 hours.

Use Argus instead, cheaper and better in everyway with no hidden surcharges.

2 thoughts on “Renting a car in Ireland – Don't use Budget rental

  1. Thrifty offer a city center location in Dublin with no additional charges. If you want to get around the airport charge, go directly to the compound instead of the desk at the airport. Given that Budget are within the airport themselves, I don’t think you can get around this charge with them, but you should be able to with the companies based outside of the airport (Argus, Thrifty, Atlas, Dan Dooley etc)


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