IPV6: An Opportunity for Ireland

Robert Cringely (in his new blog format) talks about IPV6 as the way the world is moving. Most particularly how China has moved to IPV6 as a way of escaping the addressing constraints imposed by the limited amount of addresses it was allocated using IPV4.

As a result this a federally mandated move afoot to move the US to IPV6 which has cost implications for backbones based on ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode).

There is a huge opportunity for Ireland to steal a march on our natural competitors in the IT space (India, Rumania etc.) by moving to an IPV6 platform. We are small enough that the costs would not be huge and we could reap several significant benefits,

  • Clearly identify ourselves as a global technology leader
  • Create invaluable IPV6 expertise in Ireland that can be exported overseas
  • Create an environment for where companies with technology based around IPV6 can thrive
  • Create an environment where startups can grow based around the IPV6 expertise garnered during the conversion process

Who do we call to get this started?
IPV6 tutorial gives the dirty details.

5 thoughts on “IPV6: An Opportunity for Ireland

  1. Joe, I see you are not aware that Ireland’s National Research and Education Network (NREN), HEAnet (where I was working for a couple of years) along with NREN’s from other countries in Europe, through the series of pan-European projects, including GEANT, GN2, etc has been rolling over IPv6 for copuple of years. Details are here: HEAnet IPv6 . Although it mainly covers academic and research organisations, there is no barrier for more wider rollout 😉 By now it has been thoroughly tested by smart folks in HEAnet on variety of platforms, and in very various enviornments.


  2. George,

    The article appears sound to me in the general thrust of its arguments. I’m not that interested in getting into a technical pissing contest. As regards Stanford, who cares? Either you buy what Cringely is saying (and I usually do) or you don’t. If you don’t well don’t read it.



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