PutPlace.com is online

We’ve quietly put up a proper website for PutPlace.com in the fast few days and as it hasn’t fallen over, consider this a mild invitation to run over there and pre-register for the beta. You can do the survey to boot and help make the world a safer place for Digital Content.

What does PutPlace do? Helps you to find, organise, secure and share  that huge and growing pile of photos, video, music, emails, documents and blog content that is building up day by day on you PC, phone, laptop and Media Centre.

So run along over there and register and we’ll send you a private beta invite real soon now.

BTW: Some of you may have come across us by our previous name Secantus, same product different name. It happens, we’ve got over it, you should too 😉

5 thoughts on “PutPlace.com is online

  1. Hi Conor,

    Thanks for that. The blog isn’t quite live yet, we are moving content over from the Secantus blog today. Feeds should be burned and running by tomorrow latest.



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