Nasty bug on the Blacknight Order Wizard

I registered a domain for a mate today. It had to be a .ie domain and even though I am a .ie conscientious objector I will perform the act for friends in need. has good hosting offers for low-end users and they are an accredited .ie registrar and are cheaper (by 50%) than direct registration.

Unfortunately their order Wizard has one nasty bug which must be loosing them a lot of business. On the page below, you are expected to enter a county. 

 Its highlighted in red, but the workflow happily lets you proceed and fill in a pretty heavy duty multi-part form later on in the workflow. It then complains that the county is missing but there is nowhere to fill in the county at that point. Very confusing.

On the plus side, I rang up and their support desk spotted the problem immediately and were able to indicate the fix. Still I had to rekey all the registration, address and VISA content again.

Two simple fixes are apparent here. Either, stop the user proceeding at the above screen (why do you need the county at this point anyway, you could just remove this field) or allow them to add the county when putting in the rest their address.

I would guess many people abandon the cart and this point and head somewhere else for a solution.

2 thoughts on “Nasty bug on the Blacknight Order Wizard

  1. Hi there,

    If you are a previous customer and ordered before Jan 8th 2007, then the problem may be something we’ve done since then. Originally the system let you put what ever you want into the order wizard. If it wasn’t filled out completely then, with valid data (lack of validation before, completely our fault – we’ve fixed that :-)) it can cause return visitors to have issues with it.

    The other problem we have is the order wizard is part of a commercial application and is rather difficult to modify to add all the validation we’d like. We are however working on it and I’d like to think it’ll be sorted asap.

    Thanks for the feedback.



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