Elevator Pitches

Andrew McNeile gave us the three ingredients for a successful elevator pitch as part of the last Hot House training session for HotHouse 10. He pointed out that an elevator pitch should be,

  • Compelling (I have to have this product now!)
  • Unique (I can’t get it anywhere else)
  • Demonstrate real end user benefit (This solves a real problem for me)

Ciaran Bradley CEO of Sentry Wireless won our internal competition on the day hands down with a brilliant description of his new product KidSafe

His website give the full low down on the product better than I could,

Kidsafe benefits for parents

  • Prevents mobile bullying and anonymous text messages
  • Denies access to premium inappropriate services
  • Allows phone to be locked during school or after midnight

Kidsafe benefits for mobile operators

  • Differentiated services for parents
  • No impact on core network
  • Opportunity for increased ARPU /retention
  • Device independent
  • Works on voice, data and text
  • Allows targeting of new markets responsibly

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