Le Web 3 : Alex Helcmanocki – What is the power of blogs in Europe

The power of blogs used by consumers

Interviewed 2000 people in 5 European countries (UK, FR, DE, ES, IT)

Over 50% of all users know about blog (but France hits 90%)

19% read blogs (France 27%)

3% contribute to blogs (France 7%)

Do we trust the press (yes, except for UK)

20% trust blogs (35% in France)

31% trust reviews on blogs, but only 11% trust  information written by a CEO (what a downer for Jonathan Schwartz)

40% of Internet users spend money using the Internet

Those that spend more have a higher trust in blogs

Over 30% of users did not buy a service based on bad ratings written by another user

52% willing to buy based on positive comments by another user

Higher spenders are more influenced by comments made by other individuals

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