Le Web 3: Reid Hoffman – The future of business

Web 2.0 page views are all social (networks)

How does Web 2.0 impact business?

Linkedin, 8.5  million users (White, English, North American)

Everyone is becoming a publisher (you’ll have a profile online)

Technology of resumes/CVs – a text document with a set of assertions (can be inaccurate and lack meta-data)

The next generation is an online document with properly linked meta-data

Search for sex on google – get sex

Search for Sex on linkedin – Get experts on gender in the workplace

If you are investing in consumer internet companies you are investing in one of the seven deadly sins

One thought on “Le Web 3: Reid Hoffman – The future of business

  1. Joe, do drop by on irc.freenode.net, channel #leweb3 and give us your thoughts direct from the hall – it’s a bit quiet there at the moment.

    I’m in London, keeping an eye on things and it would be great to see some live chat if you have time. 🙂


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