Le Web 3: A French presidential candidate, one of two

François Bayrou a french presidential candidate joins us. This conference Looks increasingly like a big ego trip for Loic. The guy won’t even speak in english!

So this is the balancing act for Loic inviting the candidate he does support in the afternoon.


Q:You have proposed a great project, lets all come together and build a great world, who will take advantage of us, what kind of relationship you like to engage us with? What will the relationship be?

Bayrou: I don’t understand the question (in french).

Q: Repeat in french (my french doesn’t stretch that far).

Bayrou: Our French crisis is deeper than any crisis 50 years ago, this crisis needs a new answer, a new answer with some very precise reforms and a new majority for , eh, support, sustain the reforms. The old right wing is divided and weak, and the old left wing is divided and weak too. We have a very tough extreme right and a very tough extreme left. The support for reforms is too weak. I propose to build a large reform between democrats of both wings…controlled by citizens. Its very important that citizens can control and lead the power. But today we have the tools to control and lead, the Internet is one of these. Radio and TV are not tools to control and understand and teach. We need to be informed and understand the reality of the situation and its a kind of revolution (All in English by Bayrou).

Q: Why are the politicians so clear to talk about technology, but why is it so absent from education?

Bayrou: He was among the first to stress the importance of technology. But the technology may not be advanced enough for that sphere. He believes in the human one to one relationship. Technology will not replace that magical relationship.

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