Le Web 3: Glenn Fisher – Second Life

Second Life is not a game – Nothing is pre-programmed, there is no structure (there are constraints though)

Three key elements – Avatars, User created content, marketplace

Eye contact and separation distance match those in real life

All the content in the game has been created by users except the user orientation Island

All the Intellectual properties for the user created content reside with the creators (DMCA applies)

The linden dollar (the currency in second life) is a tradable currency in the real world

About to cross over into 2m residents

10 million objects

900,000 unique items traded or sold in Oct 2006 alone

Half of the time in Second life is spent by females

Median age is 32

55% of the residents are international (non US nationals)

7m USD exchanged each month

7000 “businesses” in Second Life

25000 USD average gross for top 10 businesses (monthly)

Second Life demo:

First visit to The Shelter got swamped by bad network connectivity

Second visit to attempt was Trinity College Dublin, no juice there either

— Back to talking

Once people invest in Second Life they stay (100% retention, once you are bedded in)

Very simple tools for creating three-D objects

The four biggest economies in Second life are land, clubs and casinos and finally the fashion businesses

The highest concurrent login count is 18,000 users (audience provided number)

700,000 have logged in in the last 60 days

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