Le Web 3 : Marco Ahtisaari: Mobility 2.0

Blyk is building a pan European mobile network for young people, funded by advertising

Scale = Bigness, 2 Billion mobile subscribers now, 4bn by 2010

Mobile service is a social function

Service providers were able to subsidise the handsets

Shift from a familiar collective good (family phone, office phone) to a personal phone

Three things you carry, keys, phone, payment mechanism (wallet, money, card)

The watch is the only thing used more than the phone by mobile phone users

Reach, the next 2bn users

Sometimes off, need to support tuning out

Hackability, This was always something you could do, new finishes colours, screens (but an absolute nightmare to program, ed.)

Social primitives – the gift, photostream, signaling, read identity

Freedom – Other business models to pay for communication (e.g. advertising)

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