Le Web 3: Nicolas Sarkozy

The second french presidential candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, is about to go on and speak in french. I have a headset. We’ll see how this works.

First thing to note, no press for Nicolas this morning, but huge presence this afternoon.

Internet is a strategic choice

Internet is a huge opportunity

The democratic debate is changed by the Internet

France is too far behind

3 million blogs

A cultural lag

A state lag

The state did not create the conditions to make France innovative

 Tariq and Loic are good examples

We did not build the tools to successfully create Internet

IP and related rights, fully involved to ensure that copyright was respected

Don’t expect that work could be despoiled  by theft

We could have devised mechanisms to fix these challenges

Internet is a priority along with life sciences

France is not investing enough on the net

Last but one, in terms of Internet contributing to growth

Use of e-government to encourage use

Invest massively in public and free sites to promote our cultural heritage

Improve broadband access

Support our new SMEs

Use the US  model, don’t copy, but draw benefit from what works

I want a country where everything becomes possible

Capitalising funding – restore investor confidence – transparency

legal safeguards

A environment that promotes growth

Pushing people to other countries to succeed is not acceptable

82% of bloggers are under 24

Universities should be tax exempt

Students should benefit from patent protection

We hope the Internet will break down the barriers of political freedom in China

The first conquest of Internet is to break down citadels that were well guarded

We must combat economic rents and monopolies

Liberty and freedom is not the permission for racism

I’m not afraid of Internet regulation

The Internet does not replace school

Let us make the Internet the content of new liberties not the destructor of old liberties

Lets transmit knowledge not lies

I believe in the technological revolution

This Internet must obey rules, values that we all uphold

Ethics do not narrow you freedom, they increase it

Respect diversity and minorities

You represent the economy of the future

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