Joe's Laws of web editing

  • All blogging tools want to be content management systems when they grow up
  • All content management systems wish they were as simple to use as blogging tools
  • All wysiwyg HTML editors are capable of creating HTML they can’t edit
  • Its quicker to learn to fly a plane than to learn Dreamweaver
  • Its quicker to learn to fly a helicopter than to learn the Gimp
  • “Save as..” HTML usually means turn that document into HTML line noise
  • Nobody trusts their CSS hand edits (and nobody should)
  • You can nest your tables in HTML and you can also stick your face in the fan, neither are advisable
  • Apparently their are some Mac users who build their sites to work in Safari first. They also find themselves trying to pull their pants on over their shoes

2 thoughts on “Joe's Laws of web editing

  1. > Its quicker to learn to fly a helicopter than to learn the Gimp

    As a hardcore Gimp user (I do a lot of stuff in scheme / script-fu), learning Gimp is probably much safer than learning to fly a helicopter.
    Oh no – I’ve just written “hardcore” and “Gimp” in the same sentence ! Sorry about that Joe. To any search visitors – move along. Nothing to see here. These are not the “Hardcore gimps” you’re looking for.


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